About Us

Meet the team behind Yapa Explorers that makes discovering the unforgettable Inca Citadel possible.

Our Story

In the late 90s, while on one of his many adventures in his homeland of Cusco, our co-founder Esteban realized how much beauty and culture was being left out on the tours & treks by the tour operators at the time.

After helping his now-wife Anne (on her 2nd trip from Austria!) truly enjoy the journey to Machu Picchu and learn about the history surrounding the Inca culture, Esteban and Anne decided to offer that unforgettable experience to the world.

After fine-tuning all the small details, Yapa Explorers (previously Machu Picchu Experiences) was born. A way to fully show and teach about the wonders of Peru, such as Machu Picchu and its many trails.

Now, for over 2 decades, we’ve been able to proudly help visitors from Peru and around the world discover Machu Picchu through sustainable tours and treks. Adventures that have positively impacted local communities and helped Cusco’s enviroment stay safe. Always focused on the experience thanks to the profesionalism and knowledge of our tour guides, top-quality equipment and safety measures, it’s safe to say that you will truly enjoy Machu Picchu with us, just like we did the first time we went.

Our Team

We find great satisfaction in the dedication and love that each of our local team members have towards helping visitors have an unforgettable trip. All members are fully trained and experienced in their respective areas, apart from having qualities you can’t teach like being friendly, caring, and proactive. All their knowledge and tools at hand help us give you the best experience before, during, and after your trip.

Our Vision

We work hard to build a sustainable company that supports a large number of Peruvian talents who provide a high-quality service to all our passengers. One which creates awareness and admiration in our visitors of the legacy and heritage of Inca history.

We are also fully determined and focused, through our cost-effective service, to help local communities and women to empower themselves and grow, by having educational and employment opportunities.

Community Impact

Since day 1, we’ve focused on helping Cusco’s tourism, communities and lands through sustainable travel. One way we make this possible is by hiring local guides and porters that know the area like no one else, who make sure the travelers learn all about the destinations whilst having a trip of a lifetime. This way we give a fair pay to the community members for their excellente work.

Apart from this, one of our main focuses is to cause as little impact on Earth as possible. That is why we make sure that our equipment and stay in each destination is enviromentally friendly.