Cusco Airport: Complete Airport Information

All the information you need to know about Cusco Airport, from its facilities, hours, transportation options, and much more!

Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, is Peru’s second most important airport, right behind Lima Airport, handling close to 2,500,000 passengers per year. Located only 5 miles from the main square, the Cusco airport is the city’s only airport, receiving flights from several parts of Peru and some international flights. Due to the visibility restrictions from the surrounding mountains, the airport only operates during daylight (staying the night is not permitted).

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Cusco airport

Cusco Airport general information

  • Name: Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport
  • Cusco airport code: CUZ
  • Address: Avenida Velasco Astete S/N, Cusco
  • Operating hours: 4:00am – 9:00pm
  • Operating airlines: LATAM, Sky Airline, Amaszonas
  • Elevation: 10,860 ft / 3,310 m



Located on the 1st floor of the airport you’ll find BCP, ScotiaBank, BBVA, and GlobalNet ATMs. They accept most international cards and you’ll be able to withdraw either Peruvian Soles or US Dollars. ATMs fees do apply so we recommend checking with your bank if there’s a partnership with any mentioned above to save some money.

Money exchange

Money exchange services can be found on the 1st floor before passing through security. Here you’ll be able to exchange US Dollars, Euros and Sterlings. If not urgent, we suggest doing this at the city center as exchange rates are much better there. Ripped or slightly damaged foreign currency will not be exchanged.

Airport lounges

There are two lounges available at the airport:

  • VIP Lounge Cusco SAC: on the 1st floor, before security
  • Hanaq Cusco: on the 1st floor, after security, near Gate 9

You can enter either by purchasing a lounge pass or through a lounge membership/priority pass. Amenities on both are free Wi-Fi, TV, food, and alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks.


At the airport you can find two small souvenir shops, located on the 1st floor before security, selling chocolates, Pisco and other local gifts. A bookstore is found on the 2nd floor, just before security. 4 high-end shops can be found after security, close to the gates, selling the likes of fine alpaca and jewelry.

Food & drinks

Since it’s a small airport, there are only a few options for food. You’ll find a medium-sized restaurant on the 2nd floor, before security, that offers everything from a variety of Peruvian dishes to hamburgers. Three snack bars/cafes are available to satisfy any small cravings. Two of them can be found on the 2nd floor before security and the other is found after security.


There is no free Wi-Fi available at the airport. You can get access to Wi-Fi through the restaurant or one of the snack bars/cafes, or the internet cafe. You’ll have to make a purchase at either of them and stay there to use the Wi-Fi.

Tourist information

Located on the main hall of the 1st floor is the Tourist Information desk of PromPeru, the official Peruvian Tourism Board. You’ll be able to get information about tourism in Cusco, purchase SIM cards, and info on Machu Picchu tickets. Open from 6:00am to 5:00pm.

Other services

  • Car rental: Car rental is available through Hertz and Sixt.
  • Power outlets: Power outlets to charge electronics are available past security by the boarding gates.
  • Massages: Located on the 2nd floor before security.
  • Internet cafe: Located on the 2nd floor before security. It offers internet acces, printing & scanning facilities, and international & local calls. Internet access is available for a little less than $2 USD.
  • Accommodation: No accommodation is available at the airport.
  • Storage lockers: No storage lockers are available at the airport.
  • Showers: No showers are available at the airport.

People at the Cusco airport

Transport to and from Cusco Airport

Official Airport Taxis

Inside the airport, you’ll find the booth of official taxi services where you’ll be able to reserve a transfer. It’s the safest of all options, but also the most expensive, costing around $10 USD to the city center.

When going to the airport, you can ask at the front desk of your hotel or hostel to help you reserve a taxi. Most work with safe, official taxis that will pick you up and take you to the airport.

Street Taxis

As soon as you walk out the doors of the airport building, you’ll be bombarded with taxi drivers offering their transfer service. This option is cheaper and relatively still safe. Be aware, they can be a bit persistent and will offer almost the same price as the booth. Compared to the official airport taxis, these don’t have set prices and aren’t metered like in other cities. You’ll need to haggle and negotiate to get a fair price. Prices to the city center should be no more than 10 – 15 Peruvian Soles ($3 – $4).

When going to the airport, just wait until a taxi is passing by and get the drivers attention by simply sticking out your hand. Mention that your destination is the airport, and before entering, negotiate the price.

Combis (mini-buses)

The cheapest of the options, but also the least safe and most uncomfortable. Combis are small mini-van-like vehicles that run frequently (no fixed schedule) through the city on a set route. Fares are just 0.80 Peruvian Soles ($0.15) with little room and no baggage storage. We don’t recommend this option to go to or from the Cusco airport.


As you can see, Cusco Airport is small but has all the necessary facilities for a smooth arrival/departure. For those arriving into the city, make sure to have the perfect plan by including one of our many tours or treks to Machu Picchu! Remember that you can contact us if you need more help planning your journey or even just tips for your travels. Our expert team will be happy to provide you with as much information as possible.